We are a family owned company in business since 1961 and are the experts in transportation solutions and customer service.  Our commitment is to provide you with comprehensive transportation services tailored Specifically for your needs.

Our customer service team is dedicated to all of your transportation requirements, from pick up to delivery, personal attention is given to every aspect of your freight movement.  Our knowledge and experience ensure that your shipments get to their destination smoothly and efficiently.

"I have dealt with Rancoccas Valley since the fall of 2007. Rancoccas Valley has been steadfast in delivering 98.5% or higher on time performance and regularly offers solutions for cost savings and on time deliveries."
- Scott Lucas

Onsite LLP Manager Penske Logistics

RVT through the years has grown into 1100 clients including:

  • Lennox
  • Amazon
  • Whirlpool
  • G/E
  • Simmons
  • Roosevelt Paper
  • Sears